Man jokingly creates Tinder profile for girlfriend and instantly regrets it

A man who joked that he could “do better” than his girlfriend was served with a stark reminder about who really holds the power in their relationship after creating a Tinder profile using her pictures.

The stunt quickly backfired and he’s now hilariously pledged to “paint her toenails and buy her a pony” in the hope that she never leaves him.

In a post on Facebook, the man wrote: “Attention men, if you’re feeling like you can do better than your girlfriend, create a Tinder profile with her pictures and see how many other men would be stoked to be in your shoes.

“I did it as a joke and my girlfriend had 1,300 likes in an hour, I’m boutta run her a bath, cook dinner, fold the laundry and rub her feet. Ya’ll trippin.”

He joked he’s just one man and can’t compete against those numbers, before adding an update reading: “She’s at 1,865 likes now, Imma paint her toenails and buy her a pony.”

The humbled boyfriend then later added a second update when the number of likes broke the 2,250 mark, to say: “Anyone have any connections to purchase a baby cow?”

The post racked up thousands of likes and was shared more than 1,600 times, but not everyone agreed with the experiment.

One person wrote in the comments to say: “Yeah maybe your Tinder likes aren’t the best metric for measuring your value as a person/significant other… Just a thought.”

And another poetically pointed out: “If she loves you, there could be 10,000 men after her, wouldn’t matter….”

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