Four weeks until Tom Brady returns to New England

Tom Brady has said he will never again live in the Boston area. In four weeks, he’ll be back for what could be his last professional visit, in his current profession.

Yes, the regular season hasn’t started but it’s still only four weeks until Brady and the Buccaneers play the Patriots in New England. It’s the most anticipated regular-season game in years. And “years” is the key word.

Brady is 44 years old. As noted by Mike Reiss of, the age difference between Brady and rookie Mac Jones (who turns 23 today) spans 21 years and 33 days.

Reiss says that’s the biggest age difference between starting quarterbacks in a game since at least 1950; it’s hard to believe it’s not the biggest gap ever.

Four weeks is a very small gap. Only four weeks from today, we’ll be getting ready for the 44-year-old TB12 and 23-year-old MJ10 to have their first meeting.